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On every offer there is turnover time noted, turnover time is counting when these conditions are satisfied:

1. Prepress files are approved for printing by customer (not sent in printing office)

2. When payment is done.

If any of conditions is not done turnover time is not counting down. Turnover time is in WORKING DAYS monday to friday.

If unpredictable hazardous situations occur, print office can change production time up to 10 days, or return payment to the customer.

The exception is when special contract is made between company and customer.

Along width standard turnover time there is option for express production. If you need faster print time than express you should contact us.

Turnover time does not include time for delivery, transit time for delivery is noted separately.

Your server can give you information about status in production by phases, you can use it by ID job number witch is assigned to your order

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