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Output of our calibration system

Here you have our tree basic ICC profiles, you can load and use to achieve best results.

When exporting finished files choose profile witch suite your print job, depending of print material:

ICC coated profile for coated papers gloss, mat and coated I class cartons

ICC uncoated profile is for book inlets and uncoated papers

ICC uncoated pale paper profil is calibrated for pale paper structure (for books)


If you are not sure how to use ICC profiles you can work without, but you must notice that when you send files in printing office, and we will implement it for you.


On image below is hole color spectrum that human eye can see, as measured it is 7,500,000 colors or color shades. When we want to reproduce weather on monitor or paper there is problem because devices has limits of colors and can reproduce only parts of hole spectrum. You have on chart marker color gamut of rgb and cmyk. In offset printing we use CMYK model witch can reproduce only part of spectrum. Solution is to reproduce more similar color possible.

RGB spectrum (monitor can reproduce)

CMYK spectrum (offset can reproduce)

Monitor calibration

Common problem is difference between monitor and print output, monitor can not reproduce hole visible spectrum but it can reproduce more colors than offset printing, so it is possible that colors on monitor and print will not match. Therefore you should calibrate monitor, by steps below. Second thing is that photos MUST be in CMYK mode not RGB, and finally every program you use must be with right color settings.

1. Monitor calibration can be done with hardware device (recommended) see monitor calibrations, of visual by samples and carts. For hardware calibrations you have wizard guide for easy set up. For visual calibration type in start menu calibration, and you will see option calibrate display color, click on program. The wizard will guide you thru calibration, on finish photo right on this page should be as described on this page. There you done calibration of monitor

calibration test chart

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