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Delivery services - 0-700kg

Standard delivery is 1 work days from job finish in production, we use delivery services AKS, BEX and Postexpress. In city of Novi Sad printing office will deliver your order.

Charter transport - from 2-20t

Is for orders weight more than 2 tons, transit time is 2 work days in Serbia, delivery is free of charge.

Bundle transport - from 0,7-2t

Is for orders weight from 700-2000kg, cargo partner, transit time is 3 work days, delivery is free of charge. Or we use our delivery vehicle.

Forward delivery

If you are middle man you can send it directly to customers, packaging label you can create, see forward delivery, you don't need to send it twice and remove labels from printing office. You can download marking label here or in download section.

Weight and volume calculator

Delivery price calculator

Forward label

Sending by bus

Arbeitstage 8-16h / Telefon. ++381 (21) 505 112, cell. ++381 (60) 654 00 64 HOME KONTAKT

Wir freuen uns, bekanntzugeben, dass Heidelberg Speedmaster wird in unserem Unternehmen installiert. Die Maschine ist mit CPC 1-02 Farbsteuerung, Bacher Register 2000 mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 12.000 Bogen pro Stunde ausgestattet